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Bruce Trail - West Side
Trek 4

Waldemar Guenter Photography

Tuesday Afternoon, October 11, 2011
TREK 4 - Bruce Trail West Side

I got what I wanted last Friday but the allure of other possible variations to my pictures at the bottom of Ball's Falls was strong. So, with the sun popping in and out on Tuesday afternoon, I headed once more into the breach, on what was my fourth and final trek of the season. I suppose I knew deep down that more leaves had blown off the trees and that the reds had already turned to brown. I loaded up all my gear anyway and drove to Ball's Falls. I ignored the fact that things looked a tad more drab than last Friday. I needed to clean my camera lens more often because of the high volume of spray off the falls. Nevertheless, I came back with several interesting photographs.

As I sauntered down the gorge for my final trek, I thought, "What if I didn't make it to the bottom for my pictures this afternoon? What if I stumbled upon a dead body before I even got to the gorge and my artistic ambition for this lovely afternoon were derailed? What if I wrote a murder mystery out of some gruesome discovery at Ball's Falls here amidst all this greenery and blue sky?"

I let the thought go and concentrated instead on the real-live pictures ahead of me along this Fourth trek. Still...writing a murder mystery with Ball's Falls as a backdroup held a certain fascination. The thought was planted in my brain, with the ghost of an intent to pursue it someday.

For the moment though, I trudged along Trek 4 content to discover pretty pictures, instead of a dead body. With each picture I took, I was happy to breath in Life!



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