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About Waldemar Guenter

By Alexander Kucharski:
Waldemar Guenter died on November 29, 2014, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. Wally had the idea of writing a murder mystery based on an honour killing three years earlier, in the autumn of 2011, during a photo hunting excursion along the Ball's Falls. What if he discovered a body? What would be the plot? How would the characters evolve? How would he put himself into the novel?

He liked the idea and followed through with it until he finished the work in October 2014, weaving a lot of the plot and his own thoughts into a mix of current events. When he found out he had cancer that very month, Wally asked people close to him to see to the publication of his work, which we all agreed to do without reservation. I agreed to the chore of creating a website for The New Crusades.

Author: Waldemar Guenter - now deceased
Nov.29, 2014


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