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By Waldemar Guenter

Ball's Falls is actually two Falls, Lower Ball's Falls and Upper Ball's Falls. Lower Ball's Falls has two old barnq, a white pioneer church and two pioneer cabins for the photographer's interest...and of course, there's the cascading Lower Ball's Falls itself, just a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. Upper Ball's Falls is a little further, a good 20 minute hike uphill along a trail of woods. It's worth the exercise to see the tumbling water there...and to take a photograph of one of Niagara's hidden wonders. Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority maintains the picnic areas and grounds at Ball's Falls where tourists can get pictures of old historical buildings and antique farm machinery. Ball's Falls Photos are best taken during Niagara's autumn and winter season.

The Bruce Trail  threads through Ball's Falls. The hiking along any of the wooded paths in this area is a marvelous experience in any season. (I especially love autumn). I'm fortunate enough to live only a 10 minute drive away from Ball's Falls. Through the past few years, I've given in to the urge to grab my camera and get my latest shots of the trees, colours and cascading waters at Ball's Falls. The nature hike in itself is a great experience but, as a photographer, I also cherish the visual evidence of all the beauty that I see there. I love to capture that in my camera and that indeed is highly salutary for the soul.

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In the autumn of 2011, I took my camera and did 4 treks on The Bruce Trail. You can access the pictures I took during these treks in four sub-galleries which I created in links at the bottom of my Photo Gallery page. I also wrote a diary of each one of my jaunts as a devoted "Bruce Trail Trekkie". Take your time travelling through my web site because I don't want you to miss stuff hidden within stuff. My various links are like walking the sideroads both on and off The Bruce Trail. I must admit it's sometimes fun just to get off the beaten path a bit. But first, do look at the photos I've collected for you in my Ball's Falls Photo Gallery.

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